Dear RRMR Grades 4-12 Students and Parents:

We are excited to continue the 1:1 laptop initiative in our school. This is a fantastic opportunity to change teaching and learning in the classroom and out. We saw fantastic things during the first eight years of this inititive and are excited about what lies ahead. As we continue to move forward with this endeavor, we want to thank the Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock School Board, teachers, students, parents and community members for it's continued support of this initiative.

This project has assisted in improving equitable access to technology, increasing student achievement and engagement, improving teachers' capacity for creativity and technology in instruction, and provided our students with the tools and skills required in the 21st century world. In addition, we are equally confident that our students will continue to take full advantage of the opportunity to promote collaborative skills and project-based learning that is required for the "real world." 

You will find additional information and forms that are required for the laptop initiative following this letter. We are proud to look forward to what has been and will continue to be a great opportunity for our teachers and students. Your continued support is appreciated. Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Johnson and/or Mrs. Hoffman for additional information.


Mr. Johnson & Mrs. Hoffman

RRMR Principals

Initiative Information
Returning 8th  - 12th Grade Students

Please submit the following forms (3 pages) filled out and signed or pre-signed on JMC school registration:



If you pre-sign these forms on JMC, you do not need to bring this paperwork to school with you.

If your deposit was used last school year you will need to pay any money owed at this time for your student to take the laptop home.  "Used Deposit" letters were mailed in June.  If you have any questions, please call the HS Office 756-3813.

7th Grade and New Student Information

The student and a parent/guardian MUST be in attendance in order to attain a laptop computer.  At this meeting, important information will be shared on the laptop initiative and online safety, along with responsibilities for students and parents.

Please bring the following forms (3 pages) filled out and signed or pre-signed on JMC school registration and your $50 deposit for your student to take the laptop home. 



If you have any questions, please call the HS Office 756-3813.


Information to be aware of

1. Improper use consequences

2. Laptop FAQ

3. Internet Policy

4. Responsibility and Rules