What Does the Booster Club Do?

What does the Booster Club do?   The RRMR Booster Club organizes events and fundraising to support the needs of all activity areas here at RRMR.  It may be a weekend tournament, tailgating before sporting events, help in purchasing needs in music, sports, all areas can be supported by our RRMR Booster Club!  Our job simply is to help out where we are needed! 


How Can I be a member to the Booster Club?   Yearly, we have a membership drive and encourage people to join the Booster Club.  Your membership is very important to our success in helping students and projects go forward to help RRMR be the best it can be.   It is never too late to join our group.  Just look for a membership form on this website, send it into the school or address on the form.  We want your participation!


Booster Club Executive Board Members?   Executive Board members work the events that are planned.  They attend monthly meetings and are the "behind the scenes" force that gets things done.  


I am a Booster Club Member.  How can I help?   Donating goodies when asked, being supportive of Booster Club fundraisers, and giving a little time when asked would be a great way to be more involved in your Booster Club.   Executive Board members put in many long hours and would like to have more involvement from our members.  Please feel welcome to help out at our events.

Warrior Booster Club

  • President: Scott Johnson

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Heidi Marzen

Booster Club Board Members

  • Dean Jones

  • Donna Jones

  • Russ Lyman

  • Erin Lyman

  • Bill Staudt

  • Carment Staudt

  • Lori Paulus

  • Natalie Wedeking

Become A Booster Club Member

Please become a  Warrior Booster Club MEMBER  by contributing to our annual membership drive!  You can choose to be a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum member with your monetary donation. Membership contributions enable the WBC   to provide support to RRMR Athletics, Music, & Drama departments: as well as After Prom & various school sponsored clubs throughout the school year .