Coni Butler

phone ext. 451

Hi, my name is Mrs. Coni Butler and I am a 6th grade homeroom teacher.  I currently teach 6th grade Literacy, 6th grade Math, and 5th grade Science. I have been at RRMR for 21 years now and love it here!  


I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn in a safe and caring environment.  RRMR is definitely that place!  My favorite part of teaching is getting to know my students, what they enjoy outside of school, and pushing them to want to do their very best.

Jami Dahlby

phone ext.354

Hi, my name is Jami Dahlby and I teach Kindergarten Prep here at RRMR. In May of 2014, I received my Associate of Arts Degree in General Education from NIACC in Mason City, IA. I then received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA in December 2017.


I absolutely love working with kids. It's my passion. I'm a firm believer in forming positive relationships with each and every one of my students so I am effectively able to meet each of their needs. It is also a big goal of mine to provide a fun and safe environment for students to engage in meaningful learning. I'm so excited to be teaching!

Anne Denney

phone ext. 221

​I'm Anne Denney and new to RRMR this year. I teach Second through Twelfth grade Art. I received my B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts), middle school endorsement and k-12 art education certification from the university of Iowa. Following graduation I added a coaching endorsement from NIACC in Mason City.

I try to bring creativity and enthusiasm to my work. It is my intent to transfer that energy to my students in order to learn more about the world of art. I've helped many students find a pathway to earning a scholarship.

After teaching in many North Iowa schools and in other states, I always enjoy hearing from former students who update me on their careers and how art has impacted their lives.

Ben DiMarco

phone ext. 470

I have been teaching in the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock district since 2002. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor's Degree in elementary education, and from Morningside College with a Master's Degree in education, with an emphasis in teacher leadership. I currently teach third grade and act as the elementary building's lead teacher. 


It is my belief that all students can learn. If educators are able to build positive, trusting, relationships with their students, they will know how to best meet the individual needs of every child in their classroom. 

Amanda Dow

phone ext. 419

Hello, my name is Amanda Dow and I teach Title I Reading and Reading Recovery. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University and my Masters in Education from Morningside College. My teaching adventures began in 2004 and my career at RRMR started in 2008. 


Students have diverse learning needs and as their teacher, I recognize this and strive to meet each individual's needs. Teaching must be differentiated and challenging for all. Differentiation, technology integration, and compassion are keys to creating lifelong learners.

Blake Hansen

phone ext. 110

My name is Blake Hansen. I started teaching at Rockford over 10 years ago.  I teach elementary physical education, 7th Grade health, History of Conflict, American History, as well as Health I and II.  I also coach in my spare time. 


 I believe in the use of technology to enhance student learning.  Students use technology to discover new worlds.

Anna Hemann

phone ext. 449

My name is Anna Hemann. I am a 2009 graduate of Rockford Senior High School, a 2011 graduate of NIACC and a 2014 graduate of Iowa State University. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a Special Education endorsement. I have been teaching since 2014. I have taught in Iowa, Texas and Illinois. My hobbies include reading, fishing and singing. 

Tasha Hosmer

phone ext. 364

My name is Tasha Hosmer.  I currently teach 1st grade and previously have taught 4th and 5th grade.  I graduated from Iowa Wesleyan College with a Major in Elementary Education and a concentration in English.

I believe all students can learn and focus on building a positive, trusting environment in my classroom.  I truly love working with kids and bettering their lives.

Donna Jones

phone ext. 452

6th grade homeroom teacher

4, 5, 6th grade level


After teaching and coaching at Hampton/Dumont, I returned to RRMR from which I graduated in 1983. In my 25+ years teaching I have taught from 1st grade Reading Recovery to middle school. I have found I enjoy upper elementary and teach language arts and social studies to 4th-6th grades. Coaching is also one of my duties at RRMR and enjoy training 8th grade girls in volleyball.My main goal in teaching is to find the way to reach the students in my room. It may not always be the same for each child, but hopefully we can find a positive experience in learning together.

Kelsey Kaspar

phone ext. 368

I'm Kelsey Kaspar and after teaching 4th grade at Northwood-Kensett for two years, I moved to RRMR for the 2018-2019 school year. Currently, I am teaching 4th Grade Literacy, 7th/8th Grade Science, and 8th Grade Math. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Middle School Education from Wartburg College in 2016. I also have my K-8 reading endorsement. 


I believe very strongly in creating an environment where all students can learn. This means that they feel safe and comfortable enough to take risks. I help them do so by reaching out to different types of learning styles so everyone has an equal chance of achieving success.

Emily Koob

phone ext. 430

My name is Emily Koob and I teach K-6 General Music, 7-8 Choir, 9-12 Choir, Music Theory and Music Appreciation.  I received my Bachelor of Music Education degree from Wartburg in 2008 and have been teaching in Rockford since 2011.


I believe that music should be a warm, welcoming and fun environment for all students!  All students, regardless of age or ability level, can be successful in my classroom.  By integrating instruments, movement, singing, and composition into music lessons, all students are given the opportunity to experience music through various avenues.  I hope that through the experiences in my class I can help build a love of music for all of my students.

Deb Kuhlemeier

phone ext. 365

My name is Deb Kuhlemeier. My husband, Brett, and I have lived in the Rudd area for many years.  We have five children who have all attended RRMR.  The school has many curricular and extra-curricular activities for students to take part in, which means the school and I are connected at the hip.    


Teaching in the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock School District has given me the opportunity to work with students in grades K-6 on Reading and all subjects with 4th graders.  In 1990, I was hired as a Chapter 1 Reading Teacher to work with students in grades 3-6.  I then worked with just fourth graders, teaching all their subjects.  Currently, I work on reading/literacy skills with our fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. 


I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BA in Elementary Education so that I can work with students in grades K-8. I also hold endorsements in Reading and coaching.


My philosophy is that my students and I are always learning.  My classroom is a place where students should want to enter, work, and be successful.  There is always more help that I can give.  My work is never done as long as I'm a teacher.

Katie Gossweiler

phone ext. 414

​My name is Katie Gossweiler and I am a teacher and the At-Risk Coordinator here at RRMR. I have been part of the RRMR team since 2011. I have various roles as a teacher that include teaching math, special education, Character Education, and a freshman reading class. As the At-Risk Coordinator, I work with individual students or groups of students who benefit from extra help with social and/or academic skills. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University, with a minor in Special Education, as well as Reading and Early Childhood Endorsements. 


As a teacher, I feel that every student has meaning and worth, who can contribute to the group no matter how big or small. I feel that teaching should be more than teaching facts and skills, but give them the opportunities and time to process and expand on what they learned with their peers for extra learning opportunities. 


Sherry Loftus

phone ext. 453

Hi.  My name is Sherry Loftus.  I am currently an Upper Elementary Special Education teacher.  I have 26 years of teaching experience as a teacher, with 22 years being in the RRMR district.  I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Major in Elementary Education, and have taken classes through Iowa State University and Morningside College to receive my Special Education endorsements.  


In my classroom and with my students, I am committed to teaching each individual student to the best of their ability.  I expect them to be responsible learners and to always do their best.

Kevin Longcor

phone ext. 450

I have been in the Rudd, Rockford, Marble Rock School system for over 25 years.  Over the course of that time I have taught primarily science classes in grades 4-8, as well as reading and math.  I enjoy searching for new and different technologies to integrate our curriculum to enhance and teach students new science concepts.  I have also coached middle school basketball for most of my time here in Rockford, and more recently coached track at the high school level.

I am a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Reading Education.

Emily McNeal

phone ext. 333

My name is Emily McNeal and I am excited to be teaching special education as well as 3rd grade here at RRMR this year. I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood Special Education from Upper Iowa University. I also attended the University of Iowa and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2001. I live in Bristow with my family.


I believe in creating a safe, caring learning environment by cultivating positive relationships with students and families. I know that every student is a unique person with individual strengths and interests. It is my goal to help students learn and grow by using a variety of activities and lessons that build on student strengths and interests as well as meeting individual student needs.

Margaret Nash

phone ext. 360

Hi! My name is Margaret Nash and I have the wonderful opportunity to teach Kindergarten!  :) I began teaching here at Rockford in 2008 and have enjoyed working with the students, staff, and administration.  

I love how I can see my students grow each year and witness those "light bulb" moments.  We learn so many important skills in Kindergarten not only in the educational aspect but also in social, physical, and emotional aspects as well.  With all the varied backgrounds that children come into Kindergarten I believe it is important to create a well-balanced program to meet all the needs of the students.  
I also believe that my classroom needs to be friendly, safe, and a caring environment in order to achieve a high level of learning.  I use several styles of teaching in order to reach each student and their style of learning.  When my students leave my classroom I know each child has had a successful year and had fun learning as well.  

Susan Paulus

phone ext. 348

Grade Level:  Preschool


Experience:  I have been teaching at RRMR since 1998.  I have taught fourth and fifth grade, second grade, kindergarten and preschool.  I am a graduate from Buena Vista University with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Mathematics.  I also completed my Early Childhood Special Education endorsement from the University of Northern Iowa.  


Philosophy:  I teach in a student centered, student led classroom where the teacher is the facilitator and guide in motivating children to learn.  

Kelly Wood

phone ext. 367

My name is Kelly Wood.  I have taught at RRMR for over 20 years.  I graduated from Buena Vista University with a major in elementary education.  I have my endorsements in special education,  reading, and coaching.  I currently teach 2nd grade.  I have taught special education, Title reading, 2nd grade, and 5th grade.  I have coached high school softball and volleyball.  I thoroughly enjoy working with children.  I love teaching reading and math!  I like to incorporate technology into my daily lessons.  I have fun watching students develop and grow into lifelong learners!

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